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Playing the Piano at Any Age

Learning to play the piano is much like learning a new language. Although best accomplished during the formative years of childhood, there is still no age limit on when or how you can take up the skill. In fact, for many adults, the piano presents an opportunity of a lifetime. It offers everything from the… Read More »

When to Start Piano Lessons

Knowing when to start your child on piano lessons can be complicated. While research shows that children exposed to the piano as early as two or three years of age reach higher levels of creativity and independent thinking as they reach their school-age years and move through young adulthood, the answer is not as easy… Read More »

What Type of Piano Teacher is Best

When it comes time to start taking piano lessons – whether you are the one doing the learning or you are setting the lessons up for your child – there are a number of different types of teachers and teaching methods to choose from. Depending on your location, the equipment you have at home, your… Read More »

How to Choose a Piano for Beginners

Being a beginner at anything isn’t exactly easy. For most piano and keyboard beginners, even the simple task of selecting a piano may prove extremely difficult. The wide array of piano types and brand may make selecting the right piano a nightmare. Luckily, this article will guide all you beginners through this seemingly difficult process… Read More »